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What Is Libspellcheck?

Libspellcheck is a statically linked library for Linux (and other *NIX OSes such as FreeBSD) that lets developers check the spelling of user input.


The new location for the default dictionary "english.dict" in version 1.20 is not /usr/etc/english.dict, but rather, /etc/english.dict.

If you are compiling version 1.25 (the development version), please run ./ and not ./configure, unless you want to install to a custom prefix. In both cases, you need to read the README file.

What Is Spellcheck?

Spellcheck is a command-line frontend to the libspellcheck library. It lets you check the spelling of words from the command line. Find more here: Spellcheck.

Getting Libspellcheck / Spellcheck

Libspellcheck and Spellcheck are bundled together. Find out how to download, compile, and install Libspellcheck and Spellcheck here: Documentation.

I Have A Suggestion

If you have a suggestion for Libspellcheck or Spellcheck, post it here: Suggestions For Libspellcheck / Spellcheck


Read the news here: News.

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