Libspellcheck & Spellcheck News

1 August 2013

Libspellcheck & Spellcheck v1.20 have been pushed to the git repository and released. The documentation will be updated shortly. Libspellcheck & Spellcheck v1.20 now have the capability to suggest spelling corrections for misspelled words. An Arch x86_64 package has been released (check out the downloads page), as well as a tarball with the PKGBUILD file so you can compile your own package (The i686 architecture is supported too. If you would like to build a 32 bit package and submit it for inclusion on the downloads please send me an e-mail with the 32 bit package attached to it at corinthianmonthly (at) hotmail (dot) com)

27 April 2013

There is now a debian package for libspellcheck v1.15. You can download it here.

20 April 2013

Libspellcheck & Spellcheck v1.15 have been pushed to the git repository. A source archive will be released and the documentation will be updated later today. Version 1.15 is more of an update for the spellcheck application. These updates include:
  • Spellcheck can now check a string of words
  • There is now a manpage for spellcheck (man spellcheck after you run make install)
  • You can now specify custom dictionaries
  • You can add words to any dictionary you like using the -add switch

Note that we will not be releasing a binary of the spellcheck application for v1.15 (although we will look into creating a .deb package)

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